Wealth update – 31/01/2021

Here’s what’s happened in January 2021:

Gas supply saga

I’ve been struggling to switch gas suppliers and have been paying to two providers for gas – both companies claimed that they were supplying gas to my property. This, obviously, can’t be the case. After many angry emails I decided to escalate my complaint to the Ombudsman.

Like magic, it seems my problem has found a resolution – I got a written apology and a letter about what the gas company will do to put things right. It was received within days of me sending the complaint to the Ombudsman. The provider offered me a £60 goodwill payment for the hassle and promised to correct the issue with the gas supply switch.

I decided to accept the £60 offer as it seems things are finally being sorted.

The lesson I learned is that if an issue doesn’t get resolved within 8 weeks, immediately send a complaint to the Ombudsman. This, it seems, strikes fear into companies’ hearts and gets things sorted.

British citizenship saga

We are still waiting for our British citizenship ceremony invitations…

Counting my beans

My wealth has gone up a little bit in January 2021. My net worth as at 31/01/2021 was £165,511 – an increase of £4,272 or 2.65% from Dec 2020. This increase includes a £1,600 ISA top-up, £292 pension top-up and £50 was paid into Premium Bonds.

January has been a bit of a roller-coaster as my net worth went all the way up to circa £183,000 and then lost most of the gains this week. Oh well… that’s the nature of the beast.

Have a good weekend!