Jobs that will be in demand in the near future

I remember a while ago I wrote that if your job is to drive a car/truck/bus (cab/Uber etc) then you need to start looking for another career really fast. Full-self-driving will become a thing sooner than you think. Ignore the news about the lack of drivers (due to Brexit) to move goods to our supermarkets – that’s only a temporary problem.

So, I did some thinking to put together a list of industries/jobs, which I think will probably do well in the future (in the UK):

  1. Anything to do with heat pumps. There will be huge demand as the UK aims to be more green and energy efficient etc. There’s hardly anybody able to do this sort of work these days.
  2. Solar and wind energy production. Similar reasons as above – we’re all going green.
  3. Technology – quite predictably – AI, machine learning, data analytics etc. This one isn’t really for the masses as this is hard work and only for the curly-brained ones.
  4. Games – developing PC/console/mobile games will grow. Have you ever heard of eSports – it’s bigger than you think? However, salaries aren’t as good in gaming as in other areas of software development.
  5. Electric cars and charging infrastructure – because Elon says so! Don’t bet against Elon!
  6. Nurses. The UK needs more nurses. However, salaries and working conditions/hours aren’t great.

Personally, I’m thinking about pivoting into technology – AI and stuff.

Good luck!