Wealth update – 30/09/2021

Deposit drama

Not much progress here. I think we’re now just waiting for a letter to confirm our court date.

Driving license

I finally got my driving license back on the 13th of September. I posted my address renewal application (with my original driving license enclosed) on the 21st of June. Therefore it took almost 3 months. I guess this is good enough for government work.


There’s been very little progress here. My cough is still ongoing. I was prescribed some antibiotics (after a GP consultation) and after 5 days of taking them things didn’t change much.

So, today I had another virtual GP consultation and was referred to a respiratory physician, even though the GP said my cough will probably just go away on its own.

She might be right, but the thing is I’m getting worried. The cough has been lingering on for 7 weeks already… This type of thing is out of character for me as I usually bounce back from a cold etc quite quickly. I’m unable to live my life normally and I just want to put this annoying cough behind me.

I also got my normal flu-jab a week ago.

To top it all off I also went for an eye check at SpecSavers earlier this week. This is because work provides a voucher for this once a year – therefore the eye check was free for me (costs £30 out of pocket).

I didn’t have anything to complain about my eye health but figured it’s been around four years since my previous check. The good news is that my left eye has perfect vision but the right eye was a little bit worse in terms of my vision. However, in summary, my vision is very good and I don’t need glasses. No other problems were identified either. So, that’s all good.

I felt a bit dumb doing the eye check… I mean ultimately, there’s nothing wrong with me. However, I’m glad I did it as it’s good to know that my eye health has not deteriorated in the last four years.

Counting my beans

September was a negative month. My net worth as of 30/09/2021 was £254,532 – it’s a decrease of -£29,278 or -10.3% from the end of August 2021. This is after me making a £1,633 GIA top-up, £452 pension top-up (deducted from salary + employer contribution) and £575 top-up to my cash balance.

This drop is the largest I’ve ever had in terms of a monetary amount… however I feel OK with this. It can’t always go up and pullbacks are expected.

Wealth update – 31/08/2021

Another month, another update.

Deposit drama

It seems I posted the court claim and paperwork/evidence to the correct address. Yay!

A few weeks after posting it I was contacted by somebody from the County Court to take payment of £308 to process my claim against my previous landlord. Three weeks later I got something in the post confirming that the case “has been issued under Part 8 of the CPR”. The previous landlord now has 2 weeks to respond (ends next week) and then I suppose I will need to wait until the actual court day.

It’s all taking longer than I thought… but I guess that’s good enough for government work.

Driving license

As I moved house at the beginning of June, I had to renew my driving license – it’s not allowed to have a wrong address on it. I was not able to do the address update online because the identity verification process did not find my brand new UK passport (which I got in April when I became a British citizen).

So, I had to use the paper form and post my original driving license off to Swansea. You may have read in the press about massive delays in processing times at the DVLA. I posted my stuff on the 21st of June and currently – 10 weeks later – they are processing stuff that was received on 18th June.

It may take a few more weeks I suppose…

I got a raise

I had my half-year appraisal and walked out with a £5K raise (9% increase). I didn’t expect a raise and didn’t ask for one. My manager started the meeting with “some good news” and I went along with it. Who am I to argue with a good thing?

They backdated the raise to take effect from 1st July. It’s nice to get paid more. 🙂


This hasn’t been good. We’re both double vaccinated against Covid-19 but we’ve developed flu-like symptoms. Our symptoms are mild and nothing serious. I’ve had two PCR covid tests taken 6 days apart, which came out negative. My girlfriend’s PCR test was also negative. We’re feeling better now but continue to have a cough. We’ve been sick for about 3 weeks already. I think it’s very unlikely that all 3 tests were false negatives…

So, we’re unwell but not with Covid. I guess that’s the glass half full way to look at it.

By the way, it’s now possible to register for the normal flu-jab via Boots, which we’ve done. Our appointments are towards the end of September. I noticed some inflation here, last year the jab cost £13.99, this time it was £14.99 – that’s +7%.

Counting my beans

August was another positive month. My net worth as of 31/08/2021 was £283,810 – it’s an increase of £34,017 or 13.6% from the end of July 2021. This is after me making a £1,620 GIA top-up and £492 pension top-up (deducted from salary + employer contribution).

It’s been a good month.