Wealth update – 31/10/2021

Deposit drama

Things are happening. We first got a letter from the county court confirming the date for the court hearing (early December). The same letter was sent to the estate agent as well.

Shortly after, we received the very first email from the landlord/estate agent making an offer to settle the case out of court. It seems having a confirmed court date is when it got real for them. They may have thought that it will take the court many months to actually get around to dealing with this…

They made a low ball offer + our costs so far to settle, which we rejected. We asked for a larger amount (around + £500) – which is always worth doing as it’s a simple email that could earn you a bit more quite quickly.

They agreed to the bigger amount but said it is inclusive of the fees we’ve already paid to start the claim. We rejected their second offer and are staying firm with what we want i.e. the larger amount + the fees paid so far. I’m waiting for a response now.

I’m quite happy to take this all the way to the court hearing as I think this will be a good life experience as well… I’ve never been to court and the whole thing is somewhat scary. Who knows, this experience may become quite useful and maybe even empowering in the future.


The antibiotics I got for my cough did nothing. So I saw my virtual GP again.

This time the GP gave me a referral to see a respiratory physician, which I sorted via my Bupa membership. Turns out, I am allergic to something – and this is the reason for my cough. I still don’t know what I’m allergic to… but hope to find out soon once my blood test results come back.


Sadly a very big thing changed in my life. My relationship with my girlfriend has ended and we have broken up. It’s a major downer but I have made my peace with this. I’m very sad we reached this point but that’s life I guess…

We have given our 2-month notice to our flat and are both actively looking for new homes. Neither of us has found something we’re happy with. It’s been a stressful month, to say the least.

Counting my beans

October was a big recovery month. My net worth as of 31/10/2021 has reached a new all-time high of £295,914 – it’s an increase of £41,381 or +16.3% from the end of September 2021. This is after me making a £1,648 GIA top-up and £452 pension top-up (deducted from salary + employer contribution).