Wealth update – 28/02/2022

Deposit drama

I got my full deposit back from my scumlord. She decided that it wasn’t worth the hassle to counter my claim and to provide her evidence to mydeposits to justify her desired deductions. Mrs Scum repaid the deposit without any deductions.

Anywho, a good result on this front and I’m very happy with this outcome.

I have now sent her a letter before action as she has failed to properly deal with the security deposit protection within the 30-day timescale. I doubt she will respond in any constructive way to my letter and instead will just hide her head in the sand. Therefore, I expect to start the court case in a week’s time.

Property purchase

I have lost all faith in my current flat purchase – the estate agent and the vendor’s solicitors have failed to give me a single update or progressed things at all. Nothing has moved and the previously promised commitments were never honored – i.e. “the draft contract will be sent next week” was a lie.

I have therefore resumed my property hunt and found one I liked a lot a few days ago. It’s a new-build, two-bedroom flat on the ground floor, which has a private garden bit connecting to a communal garden (perfect for my dog). Long story short, I’ve made an offer of £450,000 (£5,000 below the asking price). Since I’m using a LISA, I can’t buy anything valued at more than £450,000.

I will need to use the help-to-buy equity loan to be able to afford the new property. I should find out tomorrow if my offer is accepted or not. I’m relatively confident they will accept, so I’m quite excited.

Counting my beans

February was another negative month for my portfolio – inflation fears, rising interest rates and the Russia-Ukraine war all played a part in this.

My net worth as of 28/02/2022 has dropped to £259,100 – it’s a decrease of £26,661 or -9.3% from the end of January 2022.

The above results are after I made a £2,333 GIA top-up and £452 pension top-up (deducted from salary + employer contribution).

Russian warship, go fuck yourself!
Glory to Ukraine!
Slava Ukraini!