I’m sure you have heard that the robots will come and take away your job. AI is getting better each and every year and it’s improving at an exponential rate.

The way I see it the robots are already taking our jobs. The transition to automation will look a lot like somebody going bankrupt. It will happen very slowly in the beginning and then all at once.

My prediction is that a huge disruption will happen with autonomous vehicles. If you’re an Uber driver or drive a cab, lorry, bus etc you need to act now. That job will disappear and you need to have an exit plan in place. Start learning new skills, take some online courses etc. Don’t just wait until it’s too late. I think virtually all driving jobs will disappear. Autonomous driving is safer, cheaper, more efficient and simply better.

Another example is the construction industry and 3D printing. Houses will be printed in the future, it’s already happening and it will take significantly less people to build a house going forward. I’d expect 90% of traditional construction roles to disappear in the not too distant future.

I think there is a good chance that financial planners, investment managers and tax advisers will largely disappear as well. The robots will sort it.

Many other industries will be impacted as well.

The problem is deciding what new skills to acquire as the robots will automate so much. A book I read suggested that anything to do with one-on-one people interaction will be the hardest to automate. Think hairdressers, make-up artists and doctors… but their time will come.

That all sounds quite bleak but I’m an optimist. I think people will reinvent themselves and create a huge number of new jobs which don’t even exist today. We’ve seen it happen in the past when internet became mainstream.

However, in practical terms I’d aim to distance myself from driving jobs as a matter of emergency. For other occupations I’d suggest to add a backup plan to your employment situation.

Personally I’m slowly learning software development and am considering data science and machine learning (as I was very interested in this back at uni). Maybe I will be the reason many will lose their jobs in the future when I create artificial consciousness.

The other part of my strategy is FIRE. I aim to build up significant wealth to help me in that transition. Every penny will help…

Your favourite Armchair Oracle

The one about teeth

I used to have great teeth. I remember a conversation I had with another backpacker in Bundaberg, Australia. I was talking to Michelle after a days work at the farm and somehow we started talking about teeth. She was quick to point out that I had fantastic teeth. I completely agreed with her.

That was about 8 years ago, how things have changed…

I blame time. I think it takes a long time for the small “mistakes”/inefficiencies and bad habits to accumulate. These start to show once you hit your thirties.

Let’s talk about flossing first. I only had a few months in my twenties when I actually flossed regularly. I lost that habit and have flossed very few times ever since.

Recently I found out that I was flossing wrong anyway. This is because I have retainers (both upstairs and downstairs) and the floss can’t get to the area between all of my teeth. My dentist said I should be using “super floss”, which fixes that problem – it has a stiffened end on the floss, which you can poke between your teeth and behind the retainer, where all of that plaque etc lives.

It’s only been two days using super floss for me – and boy does it take a while. It’s easily a 5-10 minute endeavor. However, I hope to stick with it this time and aim to only do it once a day before I go to sleep (also I think I need to floss before I brush my teeth).

I also found out that I have been brushing my teeth wrong my entire lifetime. Did you know that after you brush your teeth, you should spit out the excess toothpaste and that’s it? Do not rinse your mouth with water after brushing your pearly whites. Apparently, rinsing will just flush out all the fluoride and other magic, which is supposed to keep your smile big and bright. Why isn’t this common knowledge? My edumacation has failed me again.

Good dental hygiene is important as teeth are expensive (and unpleasant) to fix. Year to date, I have paid £200 to extract a wisdom tooth, paid £90 for a hygienist (AeroFlow), and another £50-£60 for consultation(s)/antibiotics (London, Zone 2 prices, private dentist). The costs aren’t astronomical yet but if I don’t change my dental routine, then the direction of travel is towards big dental bills. I’m sure we can all agree, we’d like to avoid that.

Happy flossing,


The aim of this blog is to document my journey towards reaching early retirement. I’m 31 years old. I think I’m relatively far from my goal but am confident it’s possible. It’s not so much of a question of if it will happen but more of when it will happen (at least that’s what I tell myself).

My main motivation is to have the freedom to do what I want. At the time of writing, I’m driven more by the away-from rather than towards motivators. I have a job which is going OK but I feel that it isn’t quite what I want. Unfortunately, I’m unsure of what it really is that I want to do with my life when it comes to working. As a result, it seems to be a good idea to experiment and try out various things/experiments (such as this blog) and see where it takes me.

In my free time, I like to spend time with my friends and girlfriend, read books, travel, run/train and dance – nothing too exciting. I guess once I attain FIRE, I will do more of the above.

You probably have an idea of what FIRE is all about, so I’m not going to start my lecture just yet. The gist of it is that I plan to build enough wealth, which will support me financially without me needing to rely on employment to keep the lights on and food on the table.

You might be asking yourself, why should you read my stuff? I could be a random troll on the internet. Well, I enjoy the occasional trolling as much as the next guy. However, on a more serious note, I work in finance and have a lot of experience in various areas of personal finance… and my favourite colour is blue. I hope that’s enough for now.

Let the WealthPlanning begin!