FIRE tips

I thought I’d share the produces and services I use, which might be helpful on your journey.

Mobile phone SIM only contract
Lebara. I use their £5 p.m. plan which comes with 2GB mobile data, 1,000 UK minutes, 100 international minutes, unlimited UK texts.

I use Lebara because they have the best value for money plan out there right now. I struggle to use up the 2GB of data and find it more than enough for my requirements. However, I’m in no way married to them and will drop them the moment I find a better deal. 🙂 #NoLoyalty

Electricity and gas supplier
Bulb. I really like Bulb. 100% of their electricity is from renewable sources, which is important to me and their customer support is good. They have also reduced my energy bills over the years and I am very happy with them.