Grocery deliveries

Groceries – we all need to buy them, regularly. There’s nothing exciting about it and it’s more of a chore (for me) than something I would look forward to doing.

Years ago, I discovered that I have the option of getting my groceries delivered home. I tried it out and have never looked back. This was such a lifesaver – no more carrying heavy bags upstairs and wasting time at the supermarket looking for the things on my shopping list. Now all I do is pick the stuff out on an app, pick a delivery slot and checkout. The only caveat is that you need to forward plan things as the delivery slots tend to be at least 1 day in the future.

I can also repeat the same shopping basket from previous deliveries or load the previous basket and amend it slightly before checking out again. 21st-century technology baby!

It costs a little bit extra to have my shopping delivered but I figured that my time is more valuable than a few pounds.

Some supermarkets also offer delivery passes, where you pay a one-off fee of £30 (or similar), which will ensure you get all deliveries say on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for free for a full year. This represents great value as I order something every week (for Wednesday mornings before I go to work). Each delivery would normally cost around £3 without the annual pass and therefore I’m saving 52 x £3 – £30 = £126 each year or around £10 each month.

Yes, the monetary benefit of the delivery pass isn’t huge but if you add in the saved time and reduced hassle, it becomes a fantastic deal.