Pandemic benefits

I had a think about whether there was anything positive about this pandemic and I actually came up with a few things. These don’t have a lot to do with finances though.

Pollution. There’s a lot less of it. There are hardly any cars in Central London and I think the air quality here is the best it’s been since I moved here. This is true for most areas in the world now.

Peace and quiet. I live above a pub… or to be more precise the pub is on the ground floor in the building, which is diagonal to where I live. This pub gets crowded and there’s almost always an overflow to the little square outside of it. The chaps at the pub tend to get loud, especially when they’re watching football or something. There were plenty of Covid-19 parties down there until they closed the pubs in the London lockdown. Now it’s super quiet and peaceful at home. I really like it.

More quality time with my girlfriend. I get to spend all day with my lovely girlfriend as both of us are working from home. It’s very nice! Yes, there’s the usual bickering where both of us are in a phone conference and someone is too loud and other stuff… but overall it’s a positive experience.

Saving money (and investing). We’re not going out, no restaurants, no brunches, no nothing. This pandemic thing is a great opportunity to save money… but as everybody is doing that the economy will suffer. Markets have corrected quite a lot and seem to present a good opportunity to add more to my portfolio at low prices.

It’s not all bad. See ya!