Keeping my mobile phone bills low

Every six months I go to comparison websites to check if there is a mobile SIM-only deal, which is better than my current one.

You’ve probably heard that loyalty isn’t rewarded these days. The best deals tend to be available only to new customers, not long-standing clients. As a wise man once said:

These hoes ain’t loyal
These hoes ain’t loyal
Yeah, yeah, let me see…

I keep a recurring 6-monthly reminder in my Google calendar to notify me when I need to have a check for new offers. This works for me. It takes a quick 5-10 minute Google search and a browse on a few websites to see the latest offers.

I used to pay around £55 p.m. when I first bought my Google Pixel more than 3 years ago. This was the very first Pixel phone and I haven’t upgraded yet. #frugal There’s no need to upgrade it as it does everything I need it to do – my only concern is that the battery life isn’t that great anymore. I might invest in a new battery soon but it seems that would set me back £60, which is roughly half of the price of a brand new version of my phone. I find it difficult to pull the trigger on that one. I will probably wait until the current phone dies on me before I replace it.

Once my old £55 p.m. contract lapsed and my mobile phone was all mine, I decided to switch to a SIM-only deal for £7.50 p.m. That deal included 2Gb of mobile data. I was getting a £1.25 bill discount for each unused 1Gb of data (measured in Mb for the discount calculation).

A year or so later I switched again to another SIM-deal with a monthly cost of £6 and 2Gb of data. It also has a data rollover feature, which means the unused data from my monthly 2Gb allowance is available for use in the next month. So, hypothetically I could have 4Gb of data in a month where I only used WiFi in the previous month. This continues to be my current SIM-only deal.

Also, I was able to keep my number every time I switched contracts and the whole switching thing is really straightforward.

I had a browse on comparison websites a few days ago but didn’t find anything better than what I already have.

Good luck!

PS: Watch out for exit penalties when you try to get out of a contract early. As a result of not switching mobile contracts millions are overcharged in the UK.