Wealth update – 31/05/2021

New home and a new friend

We are moving to our new rental flat next week and we also got a puppy. This has meant that we had an expensive May (as can be seen by my cash levels reducing a bit). We paid for

  • one month’s rent in advance – £1,150
  • 5 week’s rent as a security deposit – £1,325
  • moving van – £164

We will also have to pay another £100+ for the end-of-tenancy cleaning in the old flat but that’s yet to happen as we haven’t moved yet.

The puppy cost us £2,300 + a few hundred for toys, a crate, leash/harness, food, vet visits, poop bags etc. This was worth every penny as he is adorable!!!

June should be better from a cash flow point of view as we are due to get our old security deposit back. I’m expecting to get the full thing back but we shall see if any deductions need to be made. We will also claim for the 1-3x security deposit penalty from the current landlord as they failed to protect our security deposit within 30 days of us paying it. This will be the second time we’re doing it – so I’m confident this will be a “productive endeavor”.

Counting my beans

May was a negative month for my portfolio. My net worth as of 31/05/2021 was £191,503 – a decrease of £6,604 or 3.33% from the end of April 2021. This is after me making a £1,600 GIA top-up, £411 pension top-up, and £50 was paid into Premium Bonds.

I didn’t get my £1,000 LISA bonus in May. Instead it was paid on 1st June… so it will be reflected in the value of my portfolio in next month’s wealth update.

Upcoming actions

I need to do my 2020/21 self-assessment tax return as I now have all the information to put it together. This should lead to a tax refund of circa £100.

Enjoy the summer as it looks like it’s finally arrived!