I will track my net wealth on this page. I aim to update it each month.

Performance (time-weighted rate of return):


* 2019 starts on 1 March 2019 as that’s when my records start
** Contributions include monthly employer gross pension contributions, gross bonus sacrifice into my pension and employee net pension contributions, plus ISA, GIA and LISA (before government bonus) contributions
*** Investment growth includes tax relief on net employee pension contributions and LISA bonus, and of course changes in the value of my investments.


  • April 2019 – net wealth above £50,000
  • July 2020 – net wealth above £100,000
  • April 2021 – cumulative capital gains since inception (March 2019) above £100,000
  • July 2021 – net wealth above £200,000

You can read my wealth updates below: